Carolin Seeliger

showing algae to the alps

part of groupshow WANDER (with Daniel Goehr, Katrin Bertram, Pegasus Product), Oberammergau, 2022

erzähl mir vom

Leid des Berges, du , der du

Algen sammelst


Haiku des japanischen Dichters Basho, 1691

In „Showing Algae to the Alps“ I explore the reception of algae in relation to a geographical and
cultural embedding (such as the lack of a word for algae in Rhaeto-Germanic, as opposed to a variety
of poetic terms for algae in Ireland). Even in remote mountainous regions, algae are found as lichens
on stones, a symbiotic form of cyanobacteria and fungi.

Shelter#1      scanogram      print on fabric     3×3,1m

Katrin Bertram, Alphornbläser Bad Kohlgrub

Shelter #2  scanogram print on fabric 3×3,1m

Shelter #2, #3   scanogram print on fabric 3×3,1m